7 Reasons to be in Photos With Your Dog This Year

Can you believe we’re at the tail end of the year already? Every year seems to fly by even quicker than the last, so you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to be photographed with your dog this year.

Bringing your dog into our photography studio may not be the biggest priority right now, but you’ll be glad you decided to make it a focus this year. Here are seven reasons why you should book a session with your dog this year:

1. The Photos Are Frame-Worthy

We’re not going to pretend like there aren’t hundreds of dog pictures in your camera roll. You have pictures of your dog sleeping, at the park, and doing other adorable things that happen on a daily basis.


The purpose of these pictures is to document your dog’s cute moments throughout the year—professional dog photography is a bit different. Our goal is to take photos of your dog that belong in a frame on your living room wall. You can expect to get the best photos of your dog when bringing them into our studio for a pet portrait session!

2. Create Memories

Clients book their dog’s first portrait session to get memorable photos—they keep coming back because of the entire experience. When you visit our New York City or Houston studios, you aren’t just signing up for fantastic pictures of your dog. You’re choosing John Glaser Photography because the experience is super fun!


You’re creating beautiful memories from the moment you book with us until you hang your dog’s prints on the wall. Most dog photographers choose to shoot outside for various reasons, so most dogs don’t get the in-studio photography experience. You’ll be so proud of your sweet pup for performing well under pressure! It’s an experience that involves various sounds, toys, and treats that’ll make your pup enjoy being in front of our camera’s lens. 


Every time you look at your dog’s portraits, you’ll be reminded of the unique experience you had together. 

3. Dogs Complete Any Family Portrait!

Your dog is an integral part of your family. You could potentially book a family portrait session without your dog, but it would be missing someone special. If your family has a tradition of taking photos together every year or so, we highly recommend including your dog to capture your family’s entire dynamic.

4. Dogs Have Shorter Lives than Humans

houston studio dog portrait

Do you know how to calculate dog years into human years? The American Veterinary Medical Association breaks it down: 


  • 15 human years equals the first year of a medium-sized dog’s life.
  • Year two for a dog equals about nine years for a human.
  • And after that, each human year would be approximately five years for a dog.


Since dogs have shorter lives than humans, we need to make the most out of every year we have with them. Everyone looks back on their life and feels like different chapters flew by. From a dog’s perspective, time flies about five times faster. It really puts it into perspective that we should capture every chapter of our dog’s life.


Whether you’re happy with one professional dog portrait, one every year, or none at all—taking photos of your dog will help preserve your memories of them.

5. You Don’t Have to Wait Until They’re Older

We’ve had many clients bring in their senior pets (and we love taking photos of them). Why? Many pet owners don’t think about professional photography until their pet gets older!


You should be in photos with your dog this year; it doesn’t matter whether they’re 11 months or 11 years old. It’s important to capture your dog in this stage of life. You won’t ever regret taking photos of your dog throughout their life!


Besides, your bond will only grow stronger over the years. It’s truly a gift to have photos with your dog every year to document every chapter.

6. You Can Create a Photo Timeline

dog photo session houston portrait katy

Speaking of documenting every chapter… have you ever thought about creating a photo timeline of your dog?


Every year, take a similar photo with your dog and place it next to the previous year’s photo. You’ll create a photo timeline of every year you’re lucky enough to spend with your best friend!


We think this idea is incredible because it shows dog owners that even though life is constantly changing, your dog is there with you every step of the way to experience it all.

7. You’ll Be Glad You Did It

family houston portrait

“I regret taking that photo with my dog,” said no one ever. It doesn’t matter when, why, or how you take some pictures with your dog this year—you’ll be glad you did it.


Scrolling through old photos of our dogs helps us get through bad days, so your future self will thank you for regularly capturing pictures of your dog throughout your cherished time together.


Ready to get some impressive photos of your pup that you can’t help but send to your friends and family? Contact us and book your session with your furry friend(s) today!