Back to School Pictures

Your Complete Guide to Uniquely Creative Photos

Back-to-school season is right around the corner — taking pictures on your kids’ first day of school is a must! If you live in the Houston area, you know that many kids don’t have the patience to stand in the summer heat while a Houston family photographer captures the memories.

Besides, you’ll be busy purchasing backpacks, packing lunch boxes, and organizing carpools, so you likely won’t have the time to hire a photographer for the day. Our passion is ensuring that the right moments get captured, whether we’re taking the photos or you are. It’s time to whip out that cellphone camera and get creative!

You might not know where to begin, so this blog post will be your easy-to-follow guide for back-to-school pictures. It contains different locations, props, and people to include, so you can do the mixing and matching of whatever works best for you. Follow this simple recipe for back-to-school pictures, and you’ll always cherish these memories captured through photography. Here are some back-to-school photos ideas for you to capture those special moments creatively:

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The Previous Year’s Outfit

This “prop” is perfect while they’re still little and growing too quickly for clothes to keep up. You can ask your child to stand in front of the camera while holding the outfit or uniform from the previous school year’s first day. Try putting it on a hanger for a seamless look! This idea gives the same feeling as pencil marks on the doorframe to document their height.

The Previous Year’s Picture

Print out your child’s “first day of school” picture from the year prior and have them hold it up. A progress photo will never fail to win some smiles, especially if you want to send it to the grandparents. It’s even better to take these photos in the same location every year. Be sure to print the picture big enough so it’s clearly visible in the new image!

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Have your kid hold a chalkboard or printed sign with their grade, school, and thoughts written on it. Signs make the image speak for itself, making it more memorable and encapsulating the time. This prop also shows where different siblings are in their school careers!

A Favorite Object

Ask your child to choose one object they love to hold up in the pictures. Some examples are toys, snacks, art, or whatever they love right now. It might look funny in the photos, but it sure will provide a fun or cute story to tell, all while showcasing their personality and interests.



This sounds like a no-brainer, but in the chaos of things, it gets easy to forget that family photos have endless possibilities. If you have extended family who lives in the Houston area (like grandparents), you can invite them over to take some pictures before sending the children off to school.

Don’t have extended family in Houston? You can arrange the siblings from youngest to oldest, have mom or dad hold all their backpacks at once, or even just set up the simplest group photo. This is a great opportunity for some family photos (the timer on your phone camera will be your best friend).

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Teachers play such a crucial role in our children’s upbringing. Taking a picture with them on the kids’ first day of school gives them a heartfelt opportunity to remember them and show them the appreciation they deserve. It also serves as the perfect addition to an end-of-year gift for their teacher!


While pets don’t necessarily count as people, they’re certainly an integral part of a family (this is why we offer pet photography sessions). It’s really special to have kids’ most loved companions in the pictures of their important days. Our pets aren’t with us for long, but they leave long-lasting imprints on our lives. Your children can look at the photos and watch as they age with their furry family members!


In the Classroom

If the school allows it, going in a little early and getting the perfect shot at their desk helps capture their favorite teachers, friends, and classroom. We don’t always remember these small things off the top of our heads, so having them in a picture creates a solid memory that lasts for years. This is the perfect opportunity to get photos with teachers and friends!

In the Front Yard

We can all agree that the front yard is a total classic for pictures. Some of the best family photos in Houston happen right in the front yard. This location captures the moment and tells a cute little story, dropping you right into the “leaving for school” scene. It also ensures that all your kids can be in one picture, especially if they’re at an age where they don’t all go to the same school.

In Front of Their School

This may seem like an obvious option, but this location is perfect for candid photos or including friends! If your child isn’t interested in standing in front of the camera for long periods, you could quickly capture a few candid photos of them arriving on their first day of school.

Sometimes the morning of the first day of school doesn’t go as planned. If you need to rush your kids out of the door to make it on time, don’t worry! You can still get some fantastic first-day-of-school photos. Take the opportunity to capture some photos in front of their school when you pick them up!

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Family Photography in Houston, Texas

The recipe has been created; you just need to personalize it! These memories will last a lifetime, thanks to the photos you take. If you’re looking for a family photographer in Houston, Texas — please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We understand there are instances where you’d prefer to use your phone’s camera for convenience, but hiring a family photographer in Houston will take your family photos to the next level.