Being Authentic as a Photography Business

Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast Episode 37 - Mike Schacht - Authentic Business Practices

Join acclaimed host John Glaser and renowned headshot photographer, Mike Schacht, in an insightful episode of Refocus Your Photography Business. This episode uncovers an in-depth discussion on building a successful photography business, with a focus on customer relationships, brand distinction, effective marketing, and authentic business practices.

Check out Mikes interview here: Episode 37 – Mike Schacht – Authentic Business Practices

Dwell into Mike Schacht's fascinating journey from the home building industry and surviving the 2008 economic crunch to becoming a successful photographer and business strategist. Explore unique perspectives on building a strong business brand, maintaining customer relationships, the psychology of business, and much more.

The episode delves into strategies to generate business growth; delving into subjects like the power of authenticity and connection, value of brand differentiation, the role of your website in a business, and harnessing the 'shadow self.' The role of authenticity in marketing, and the pitfalls of mimicking success are effectively explored.

This episode also navigates into the intersection of relationships, social media, and business growth strategies in photography. The effectiveness of networking and smart gear purchasing, the importance of continuous learning, and handling pricing structures with clients are also significantly discussed to guide budding photography businessmen.

In this engaging episode, Mike also underscores his philosophy for success: elevating customer experience and aligning your business model with your personal values. He recounts how transparency in pricing lead to better business performance and personal satisfaction. His venture into customer psychology and photographer-client relationship dynamics are filled with practical wisdom beneficial to fellow photographers.

Listeners are finally treated with Mike's generous offer to book personal business consultations, flaunting a golden opportunity to learn from his wealth of knowledge. With insights backed by real-life stories and experiences, this episode is a must-listen for budding photographers everywhere!

Topics covered: 

  • Balancing photography and business skills
  • Photography industry lack of differentiation and unique branding
  • Differentiating yourself from our Competitors
  • How to make your website more effective for business growth by making it personal
  • Using personal connections to create a comfortable atmosphere for your client
  • Pricing strategies that focus on the ideal client
  • Finding your unique voice in photography
  • Embracing authenticity and vulnerability in personal branding
  • Building confidence in your photography business
  • Prioritizing relationships in your business
  • Focusing on the clients needs
  • Business growth and branding

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Mike Schacht Website: https://312elements.com/

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