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back to school photo kids and family
Aug 04
kids and family

Back to School Pictures

Your Complete Guide to Uniquely Creative Photos Back-to-school season is right around the corner — taking pictures on your kids’ first day of school is a must! If you live in the Houston area, you know that many kids don’t have the patience to stand in the summer heat while...
Dog Photo Session
Jul 23
kids and family

Taking Your Own Photos at Home

Here is some of our helpful pointers on how you can take your own photos at home. Photos capture moments that will last a lifetime — whether it’s a family game night, birthday party, or an anniversary. We are drawn to photos because they create a sense of stillness in...
staff photo session houston portrait studio
Feb 23
kids and family

How To Pick Your Photographer

So you’ve found yourself scrolling through endless Google reviews looking for a photographer near Houston or Katy, Texas. How do you choose a photographer when there are multiple in surrounding areas with great reviews? It’s important to find a photographer who is the right fit for your family in every...
family kid studio portrait
Dec 15
kids and family

Family Photo Session Preparation for Kids

When you’re a parent, it can feel a bit overwhelming to remember all of the things necessary to prepare yourself and your kids for an upcoming family portrait session. We want your photos to turn out as great as you do — so we thought we’d provide some tips to...
photographer kids family
Dec 15

Print Your Photos…It is Importrant

After you’ve taken family portrait or dog portrait photos (let’s face it, dogs are our family, too) — we strongly encourage you to print them out. While fewer than half of people print photos nowadays, there are a few major reasons why you should still print your beloved family portraits: Your Photos...
Dec 09

Top Holiday Safety Tips for Responsible Dog

With the turning of the season into the holidays, we settle in for months of cozy weather and tasty indulgences. For responsible pet owners, the holiday season can come with a new set of obstacles--and temptations--for your dog. With a few simple steps and a little extra consideration, you can...
Oct 11

Preparing Your Dog or Puppy for the Session

It is so important to do a dog photo session with your dog. Dogs are certainly a part of the family unit, so what better idea than to bring your furry family member to your family and photo session? Every member of your family will need to get ready for...
Headshot Session Houston Katy
Sep 19

Headshot Session Makeup Tips

You only get professional headshots taken every so often — so presenting your best self is key! Many people do their own makeup for their headshot session, but feel unsure what would look best in the photos. It’s important for you to do your makeup as you normally would in...
family photo session
Sep 19
kids and family

What Should I Wear to a Family Photo Session?

Here are some tips to help prepare for your Family Portrait Session Many aspects of a photo contribute to creating a great family portrait session, including choosing the right pieces in your wardrobe to wear for the photo session. While you can bring multiple looks to serve different purposes, there...
headshot photo houston
Sep 05

What to Wear to a Headshot Session

After you’ve booked your headshot photography session — taking the time to sift through your closet to find an outfit that will complement you will make all the difference. If you’ve booked the single shoot session, you will need to determine the best look in your closet because it will...