Boost Your Child’s Confidence With Family Photography

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Most children feel awkward or unsure of themselves at some point throughout their childhood. Unfortunately, kids have to jump through obstacles at nearly every age. It’s completely normal if your child isn’t feeling super confident yet (of course, psychology isn’t our field of expertise).


Fortunately, our field of expertise can help with your child’s confidence issues — family photography helps boost a child’s self-esteem. How does family photography boost a child’s confidence if they don’t want to get in front of the camera in the first place? Let’s dive into the reasons why you should book a family photographer to help your child become confident:

The Family Photography Experience

If you’ve ever visited our family photography studio outside of Houston, you remember the feeling of togetherness your family felt when being photographed together. You might’ve bickered when getting ready or during the drive to the studio, but the process of taking family pictures makes everyone step back and realize how lucky they are to be surrounded by their loved ones. We can remember countless times when a shy kid who seemed nervous about their family photoshoot quickly warmed up to the experience after getting in front of the camera.


Kids dragging their feet all the way to the studio may surprise you. It takes a little bit of time to get shy kids out of their shells during the session, but the feeling they get during (or even after) the shoot when they’ve realized they overcame their anxiety is priceless. They’ll always be able to look back on the family photos to be reminded of the memorable experience and their family’s unique bond.


Life gets hectic. You’re busy helping the kids with homework on school nights, taking them to soccer practice on the weekends, and trying to squeeze in quality family time whenever possible. One family photography session will make your child feel supported, included, secure, and loved. These feelings build a child’s confidence, so they’re ready to confront any challenge that comes their way.

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How Can Family Photography Build My Child's Confidence?

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If your kid needs to have their self-esteem lifted, there are several ways you can go about helping them. The Washington Post recently released an article with interviews from some of the top children’s psychologists in the country. The main takeaway is that although parents are eager to help their children in any circumstance, it’s more beneficial for children to learn self-efficacy through trying things by themselves.

Instead of jumping up to help your child at the first sign of trouble, try gently guiding your child down the path of attaining self-confidence. You should give specific suggestions that could help them improve in certain areas, allow them the space to problem-solve, and express your unconditional love at every turn.

Is family photography the one solution to building your child’s confidence? No. Family photography sessions can be used as a building block to get your child outside their comfort zone, experience something new, and embrace the unconditional love in their family.

Boosting your child’s confidence should be viewed as a puzzle with many parts — family photography is one of the puzzle pieces. It’s a great way to bring the family together and celebrate the love you share!

Display Family Portraits to Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem

While the process of taking family photos is a bonding experience, the positive impact on your child’s confidence doesn’t stop there. Their self-esteem can continue growing every day by getting printed family portraits. Find a size that will suit a common area in your home (like the living room or main hallway) and place the print there.


Naturally, your child will pass by that photo every day. It will remind them of the memorable experience with their family, but it will also be a daily reminder that they have a great support system.  


Cathy Lander-Goldberg, a clinical psychologist at the St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute, says, “Displaying photos prominently in the home sends the message that our family and those in it are important to one another, and we honor the memories we have experienced.”


In fact, one children’s self-esteem study performed at Tulane University found that kids who see themselves in family portraits generally have higher self-esteem than kids who aren’t exposed to these photographs. Children who have a strong family unit will feel more confident in their capabilities to overcome challenges!


Every parent wants to be there to support their child through every challenge they face in life. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that kids will face obstacles when a parent isn’t present. If your child is dealing with confidence issues and having trouble opening up to you about it, displaying family photos in a heavily-trafficked area of your home will remind them of their strong support system regularly.


Geoff Beattie, internationally acclaimed psychologist, says, “When children grow up surrounded by photographs, it gives them a richer understanding of where they come from, which helps with confidence. Until recently, people often thought of photographs as almost trivial, but actually, they are an incredibly important way of connecting with our sense of self, with each other, and with times gone by.”

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Family Photography in Houston, Texas

If you have a shy child who needs an opportunity to be brought outside of their shell, it’s important to choose an experienced family photographer who loves working with kids. We’ve photographed nearly 3,500 kids in our family photography studio in Houston!


Family portrait photography will help boost your kid’s self-esteem, but the photographer you choose impacts your family’s overall experience. Not only do you want unique family photos to display in your home, but it’s equally necessary that the entire family enjoys the photo-taking process. Ready to boost your child’s self-esteem, all while getting some fantastic photos of the whole family? Contact John Glaser Photography to book an unforgettable family portrait session.