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A man smiles at the camera while taking his professional headshot
Jan 04

New Year, New Headshots!

The new year is officially here—giving us the perfect time to start with a blank slate and set new goals for ourselves. Whether you believe in creating New Year’s resolutions or not, each calendar year presents new challenges and opportunities. Start the new year off right by setting yourself up to receive as...
A small dog plays with their owner in our Houston photography studio
Dec 09
Dog Blog

Things to Do With Your Dog on the Weekends (Houston and NYC)

Let’s be honest: your dog wouldn’t mind going to the park every weekend. While taking your dog to the park is great, Houston and New York City offer unique pup-friendly weekend activities that you (and your dog!) shouldn't miss. We have collected recommendations from pet owners during our dog photography sessions in...
dog photo session new york NYC portrait photographer
Nov 11
Dog Blog

Top 5 Doggy Daycares in Houston

While we love meeting and photographing dogs in our studio, the reality is that many public places don’t allow dogs. Whether you’re going out for the day, a dinner date, or to watch your daughter’s soccer game—having a go-to reliable doggy daycare is necessary. Don’t waste your time sifting through...
Nov 01

Who Needs a Professional Headshot? Do I Need One?

Can you get away with using a headshot that a professional photographer didn’t take? You’re not alone if you think hiring a professional photographer is a bit expensive. Here’s the thing: professional headshots offer a massive return on investment. Jeffrey Bergeland has served in senior/executive roles for corporate and start-up companies throughout...
dog photography houston studio katy portrait photographer
Oct 19
Pet Photography

8 Reasons to be in Photos With Your Dog This Year

Can you believe we’re at the tail end of the year already? Every year seems to fly by even quicker than the last, so you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to be photographed with your dog before 2022 ends. Bringing your dog into our photography studio may not be the...
Oct 06

Did You Know There Are Four Types of Headshots? Why You Need #4

The quality of your headshot could be what’s standing between you and your dream job. You could be denying yourself incredible opportunities because you’re using the wrong type of headshot. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article with the following headline: “The Perfect Professional Headshot is Worth $1,000, and...
Sep 27

5 Reasons Why the Modern Headshot is Important for Personal Branding

Headshots have always been an integral part of a person’s personal brand (this has become even more true in the digital age). Every professional is expected to have a headshot readily available to represent themselves in a professional context. Have you ever looked at someone’s LinkedIn profile and noticed that...
Two whippets sit on the couch and look directly into the camera.
Sep 18
Pet Photography

How I Get Your Dog to Look at The Camera: Tricks of The Trade

You’ve seen all the adorable dog portraits online, but have you ever wondered how a photographer gets dogs to look straight into the camera’s lens? Dogs tend to get distracted easily, but here’s the trick: we’re the ones distracting your dog.  We use various methods to get your dog to look...
dog photo session kid portrait houston katy
Sep 12
Pet Photography

5 Ways to Sniff Out the Right Pet Photographer for You

It’s one thing to find a photographer for yourself, but it’s a whole other ball game (pun intended) to find the right photographer for you and your pet. While you might think your pet would rather play “catch” than hang out in our Houston or New York pet photography studios, you’d be...
Sep 06

7 Signs It’s Time for a New Headshot

Everyone needs to update their headshot eventually, but when is the best time to do so? Small factors could play into this, but John has found that there are seven common signs it's time for an updated headshot. There are two main types of headshots: actor and corporate. It doesn’t...
family photo session
Aug 30
kids and family

Boost Your Child’s Confidence With Family Photography

Most children feel awkward or unsure of themselves at some point throughout their childhood. Unfortunately, kids have to jump through obstacles at nearly every age. It’s completely normal if your child isn't feeling super confident yet (of course, psychology isn't our field of expertise). Fortunately, our field of expertise can...
mother and kid photo session studio houston katy
Aug 26
kids and family

Posing Tips for Your Next Portrait Session

If you’re thinking about booking a portrait session, the idea of actually getting in front of the camera may sound a bit nerve-wracking. Why does getting in front of the camera seem daunting to so many people? People are generally concerned with posing for photos; the idea of standing in...