Episode 32 – Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast – Interview with Brianna Schrader – A Deep Dive with AI for Marketing and Messaging

In the 32nd episode of the Refocus Your Photography Business podcast, John interviews pioneering photographer, Brianna Schrader, exploring the game-changing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in photography. From platforms like Chat GPT and Gemini, this episode exposes how AI technology is reshaping not just photography but various aspects of businesses. Learn about Brianna's journey from wedding to family portrait photography and her secrets of achieving a successful work-life balance.

Check out Brianna’s interview here: Episode 32 – Brianna Schrader – AI for Marketing and Messaging

The episode delves into AI's transformative power to streamline operations, illustrating how Brianna harnesses AI for social media planning, content generation, and more. Don't miss valuable insights on tools like Google's Gemini and Chat GPT and their advantages for businesses and the importance of keeping abreast of AI advancements in this fast-paced digital era. This knowledge-packed session also discusses the impact of AI on lead generation, engagement, and business growth. Listen to real-life case studies on how high-quality content can boost organic leads on platforms like Instagram, revealing just how AI can transform traditional business promotional methods. From finding your niche to mastering targeted marketing, stay tuned to this episode to revolutionize your photography business.

Join Brianna as she shares her experiences on how to navigate the unique demands of various photography genres successfully and why a strategic approach to business is the key to eking out success in the industry. This episode will get you thinking differently about leveraging technology in your venture and spark your curiosity about the future of the photography business. Immerse in this enlightening discussion and stay ahead of the curve as you leverage AI tools for your photography business. Listen in, learn, grow and ride the wave of AI-driven transformation in the photography industry.

Topics Shared during the episode include: 
  • Diversifying your Photography Business 
  • AI’s Impact on Photography and Marketing
  • AI tools for photographers to improve their marketing efforts 
  • Using Bard (Gemini) and ChatGPT
  • AI Technology and its applications in Photography 
  • Using AI to improve Instagram Marketing for Photography
  • Photography business strategy’s and social media marketing 

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