The Experience

Studio Tour

01. Booking Your Session

To begin your portrait experience with John Glaser Photography you can schedule your session. Once you are booked we will provide you with any information you will need to prepare for your session. Our studio manager will reach to to you and answer any questions you may have before your actual portrait session. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that you may have. We are here to assist you and make your session the best session possible for you and your family. 

We do require a booking/confirmation fee to secure your booking date/time on our schedule. This fee will be refunded or credited towards your order on the day of your design/ordering appointment. This covers any loss of the appointment session and/or design appointment and your photographer’s time. Basically it is our “please don’t be rude” insurance.


02. Your Photo Session

This is where the fun begins. During your photo session we will take your photos and create some amazing memories for you and your family. While we have a variety of genres we photograph from dogs to family with their dogs, siblings, grandparents, family, and newborn. We always suggest bringing the whole family so we can capture everyone together. 

Our photo sessions last approximately 30-45 minutes to an hour and we will do a variety of looks and poses. We will send you guidance on what to wear for your photo session and you can bring a couple of different outfits to change into during your photo session with us.

When you arrive we will go over all of the clothing and accessories you brought for your photo session and put together some amazing looks for you to have for a lifetime.

NOTE: Don’t be afraid to bring too many items…we may not use all of them but it is better to have too much than not enough when it comes to options.

03. Your Design Appointment

This is where we create displays from your photos we got during your photo session to put in your home. Some of our design appointments will happen on the same day of your photo session, while most of our design appointments will be during a zoom session usually 2-10 days after your session. There is no difference between the design appointments – it is really a matter of when your photo session takes place.

Signature sessions design appointments will take place in person either at the studio or in your home. 

During the design appointment we will show you a slideshow of your photos and allow you to re-live the moments you experienced during your session. We will then select your favorite images and begin to stylize your wall displays to suit your style and home. What’s truly exceptional is our ability to provide you with a preview of how your photos will appear on your walls. This allows us to craft the ideal display that perfectly complements your home environment.

All of our artwork from the award winning lab GraphiStudio comes ready for display in your home and we have a range of products to suit everyone’s style and budget. Our mat print collections start at $895. Canvas, Metal and Acrylic wall art starts at $795. All of our collections can be financed promotional 12 month 0% interest John Glaser Photography Credit Card through Synchrony Bank for those who qualify. Along with all major credit cards we also accept Affirm. Most families invest $1500-3000+ on their photo products (wall art/prints/digitals) from their session.

NOTE: Online preview galleries will NOT be provided for viewing photos. All photo viewing will happen during the zoom or in-person design appointment that will take place after your session. 

04. Your Artwork is Delivered

Your completed wall displays and albums will be sent directly to you, typically within 10-12 weeks from your design appointment, provided your payment is complete. Our prints and displays are created using the finest quality materials available in the industry and are backed by a lifetime guarantee for craftsmanship.

GlassPaws Portraits by John Glaser Photography

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