GlassPaws Portraits Session Introductory Special Offer

You receive a $550 Studio Gift Voucher to use towards your products and services from your session. 

We are offering a special introductory to the first 10 people who book a GlassPaws Portrait session.

You will receive a $550 Studio Gift Certificate towards your products and services.


We Can't Wait To For Your Session

Session Consultation Call​

Schedule your portrait session consultation call. We will go over the details of your session, answer any questions you have, and book your session. 

Your Portrait Session

This is where the magic happens. Don’t worry we will prepare you for your session and help you with what to wear and how to prepare your kiddos and dogs. 

Your Design Appointment

During your design appointment we will show you a slideshow of your best portraits from your session. We will also put together some sample displays for you to review. During the design appointment we will be putting together your order. It is important that all the decision makers are present during this time. 

Enjoy Your Portraits

Eight to Ten weeks after your session you will receive your order, we will even drop ship your order directly to your home. This is the best part of the whole process when you get to see your portraits and enjoy them on your walls for a lifetime. 

Studio Tour

This is for you if you can answer YES to the following 2 questions…

1. Can you spare an hour to be photographed at John Glaser Photography studio in Katy, TX?

2. We have LIMITED SESSIONS and would like to ensure that you are 100% onboard so we will ask for a $49 booking deposit upon confirming your appointment with us.  Basically it is our “please don’t be rude” insurance.

If this is not a problem, AND you answered YES to the first question then you are on your way to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be photographed by Katys’ BEST… John Glaser Photography!

Fill out the form below to get started…

Please fill out the form and we will be in contact with you soon


We are located at 3522 South Mason Road in Katy, Texas near 99. 

Your voucher will cover 3 personalized appointments to plan your experience, capture your memories, design your artwork plus a credit towards your photos.  Studio gift voucher is for $550 which can be applied to product and services from your session
Weekday sessions are $150, weekend sessions are $300. Any remaining balance from gift voucher can be used toward your print and digital products from your session. 

YES…we will do a consultation call with you to prepare you for your session, you will receive our clothing guide, and we will help create the best portrait session possible for you.

Our sessions usually last approximately 1 hour, this allows us to get a good variety of photos and looks for you to love and enjoy for a lifetime. After the session we will give you an in person tour of our various products and wall art display options and setup a zoom design appointment. During the zoom design appointment you will have the opportunity to see your photos and we will help put together the best design and products to fit your budget and your home.

While your session is complimentary we do ask for a $99 confirmation fee to hold your session date/time. Your $99 confirmation fee will be refunded to you if you decide to not purchase anything, if you do purchase wall art or digitals from your session we will use the $250 as a credit towards your order. 

After your session we will schedule a purchasing appointment which will be on zoom. As a guide, our pricing starting point is $895 for a collection of matted photographs, ready to be framed, while larger acrylic print collections begin at $1295.