Growing your Photography Business with Text Messaging

In this episode of Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, gain insightful knowledge about the world of business text messaging from Jared Clark, president of Skipio, a leading business texting platform. Discover why texting platforms are essential for businesses aiming for effective communication and expansion.


Learn from Jared’s deep dive into the significance of texting and how it can revolutionize your business. Different types of messaging services like 10-digit phone number, toll-free number, short code, and their crucial roles in today’s business scenario are explained. Master the art of avoiding common texting blunders and adopt a person-to-person approach for an authentic business texting experience.

This episode not only emphasizes the importance of strategic text messaging but also explores the art of crafting engaging text messages. Understand how to frame it, when to initiate it, and the subtleties that can transform your engagement. Learn how your distinct messaging style can set you apart from your competitors and how quick responses can lead to increased customer satisfaction and sales boost.

Delve deep into the ethics of texting and witness how honoring the ‘social contract’ of texting can affect your business communication. Discover the ideal platforms for executing an efficient texting strategy and how to integrate text messages into your overall communications plan harmoniously

Go beyond product pictures and appreciate the fact that customers care more about you and the unique experiences you provide. Navigate through the frustrations of registering with carriers and discover the importance of texting etiquette. Unveil advanced features of texting systems like scheduling messages, automating responses, running multiple numbers under one device, and much more.

Finally, Jared emphasizes maintaining boundaries and using texting responsibly. With practical advice and simple strategies, revolutionize your customer interaction process and achieve great returns for your business. A must-listen episode for all businesses, small or large, looking to improve their customer communication!


Topics Covered

  • Text messaging services and their differences
  • Messaging and communication methods for businesses
  • Using text messaging for business, with tips on how to personalize messages and avoid common mistakes
  • Text messaging strategies, including emojis and brevity
  • Using emojis in text messaging to convey emotion and improve communication
  • The benefits of using Skipio for text messaging, including ease of use and increased deliverability
  • Using automation tools for text messaging in business
  • Text Message marketing strategies for photographers
  • Using text messaging to connect with clients and build trust
  • The importance of texting for businesses, using Skipio as an example

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