How Should I do My Makeup Before a Headshot Session

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You only get professional headshots taken every so often — so presenting your best self is key! Many people do their own makeup for their headshot session, but feel unsure what would look best in the photos. It’s important for you to do your makeup as you normally would in a professional setting (unless that’s wearing lime green eyeshadow to the office).
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Start with Light Makeup

The best place to start is with light makeup — because you can always add more later. If you choose to book a single session with one look, the best option would be to enhance your natural look with a little bit of makeup. Putting on some foundation, concealer, mascara, and natural-looking lipstick will go a long way! The most important thing is to present yourself how you’d like colleagues and clients to see you.

Build on That Foundation

Makeup artists will tell you that it’s better to start with simple makeup — because it’s easier to build it up than take it off! If you’ve booked an executive headshot session, you will have the option of unlimited outfits and various looks. It’s best to show up to the shoot with light makeup for the first look, and then you can gradually build on that foundation (pun intended). Whether you want to apply a smoky eye or darker lipstick — it’s best to do this after taking more “natural” looking photos! It’s really beneficial to have options when choosing which photo to use for your corporate headshot.

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While applying makeup is undoubtedly a crucial part of taking professional headshots, there’s no need for you to stress about it. This entire process is supposed to be enjoyable! If you’d rather not do your makeup for your headshot session, I work with a professional makeup artist who charges $150 for the session (please contact me if you’d like to go this route). The most important thing is that you feel confident on the day of your photoshoot!