How To Pick Your Photographer

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So trying to find a Photographer in Houston, you’ve found yourself scrolling through endless Google reviews looking and the information is overwhelming. How do you choose a photographer when there are multiple photographers in Houston and surrounding areas with great reviews? It’s important to find a photographer in Houston who is the right fit for your family in every aspect, so we’ve created a few things to think about before choosing a photographer: 

Find Their Style

Whether you’re looking for family portraits or headshots — it’s important to look through a photographer’s portfolio before booking. By doing this, you can look through several different photoshoots and decipher if their photography style fits the aesthetic you’re looking for. Even photographers who specialize in family portraits have different styles. Some may gravitate toward outdoor shoots with soft lighting, while others may prefer to shoot in a studio environment. Indoor studio environments tend to offer cleaner images. You should find someone who has a style you love!

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What is Their Speciality?

Often, you can find a photographer’s specialty by going to their about us page on their website. Here at John Glaser Photography, we specialize in black and white portrait photography — a distinct style and specialty to offer in the Katy, Texas, area

Browse Their Website

While online reviews are certainly helpful, we don’t recommend picking your photographer solely based on other people’s experiences. It’s beneficial to browse a photographer’s website to understand what services they offer, get a feel for their personality, and ultimately decide whether they’re a good fit for the photoshoot you’re envisioning.

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How Many Years of Experience?

While there are amazing up-and-coming photographers, you should consider how many years of experience a photographer has before booking. You’ll know you’ve found a fantastic photographer if they have been practing their craft for several years and built a loyal clientele base. New photographers might be a little more experimental with their work because they could still be finding their style. Established photographers have found a tried and true method to capture the best photos of their subjects.

What Do They Offer?

Every photographer offers a photoshoot session, but it will help you decide which photographer to book if you compare them by checking their various offerings. Most photographers offer packages where you can decide between one look, a couple of looks, and unlimited looks. Some photographers offer finished fine art wall display products that are ready to go on your walls for display, while others may just give you the digitals and you are on your own for the prints. Please make sure you find a photographer that fits your budget and offers everything you’re looking to get out of your session!

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What Are Their Rates?

It seems silly to mention this question — but photographers get inquiries about their rates even if they’re posted on their website. We recommend looking at a photographer’s rates before contacting them, so you can determine whether your budget aligns with the photographer’s fees. 

Contact The Photographer

After you’ve narrowed down your search for photographers, it’s time to contact your favorite one. You can ask any additional questions you may have before setting up a time and date for your photoshoot.