Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy on July 4th!

July 4th is right around the corner! We often spend the day with friends and family outdoors, grilling, and watching fireworks. While it sounds like an amazing day, it can frequently be stressful for our pets. Don’t overlook your furry friends; take a few minutes to plan for their comfort and safety.

Prepare a Safe Environment for Pets

Creating a safe environment and ensuring proper identification are crucial to keeping your pets secure. The last thing you want is a scared dog getting out and bolting, especially without proper ID. Make sure your yard is secure enough to keep your pet contained. Update their identification tags with correct contact information. If your pet has a microchip, ensure that your contact info in the microchip registry is up to date. Your vet can assist you with microchipping or retrieving the tag number to confirm the contact info.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, talk to your vet ahead of time about options to help calm them. Thunder vests, medications, and behavioral therapy can really help!

Safety During Celebrations

Large crowds, especially unfamiliar faces, can make some dogs anxious. Consider keeping your pet in a safe, escape-proof room or crate during gatherings. Don’t hesitate to ask your guests to be careful of pets when entering or exiting the yard or house. You can even post a friendly reminder on doors that guests will be using.

Keep your pets indoors if you are setting off fireworks. Keep sparklers and glow sticks out of reach of curious critters.

As tempting as it is to give your pup some table scraps, be careful what you share. Remind guests that food is only for human guests! Here’s a list of 7 common foods that are dangerous for pets: 7 Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog or Cat

Also, ensure that your pets don’t have access to your barbecue grill while it’s hot. They will definitely be tempted by the delicious smells!

Pets are sensitive to sun, heat, and humidity, just like we are. Make sure they have a shady spot and access to fresh, cool water. Don’t leave pets outside for extended periods of time, and know the signs that they might be overheating: Warm Weather Pet Safety

After Celebration Clean Up!

The party is over! Everyone is happy but exhausted. When you’re doing post-party clean-up, keep your pet’s safety in mind. Debris from fireworks may have blown into your yard, even if you didn’t set off fireworks. Pets are curious and may play with or eat dangerous debris. Check for food scraps or unattended dishes that might be dangerous to them, too.

By taking these steps, you can ensure a fun and safe 4th of July for both you and your pets!

 Thanks to avma.org for these safety tips!

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