Master Your Photography Website SEO

Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast Episode 35 - Richard Waine - Master Your Photography Website SEO for more organic reach

In the 35th episode of the Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, seasoned headshot photographer and SEO expert, Richard Wayne, shares his profound knowledge on the significance of search engine optimization (SEO) for photography businesses. The episode offers an insightful guide to website development, tackling the importance of an intuitive design, effective content formation, and the strategic use of AI tools. The topic extends to sensible utilization of SEO tactics in blog posts, with practical tips on keyword research and the proper use of tags.

Check out Richards interview here: Episode 35 – Richard Waine – Master Your Photography Website SEO

Throughout the episode, Richard delves deeper into his own SEO journey, covering his initial encounter with SEO needs for his first website to becoming proficient in web development languages. He stresses the importance of functional web design and SEO, moving beyond the aesthetics of a website. Richard emphasizes the understanding of header and alt tags, and shares his techniques for integrating valuable search terms into your content to attract more clients.

Besides focusing on SEO journey, Richard also talks about his successful headshot and studio business in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This episode will inspire you not only to improve your digital presence but also to think about how you can expand your own photography business.

Additionally, Richard walks the listeners through his daily SEO practices, including maintaining an active Google business profile and building a good online reputation through customer reviews. He further shares invaluable tips on business categories and SEO, navigating YouTube for boosting SEO, alongside DIY strategies versus hiring SEO experts.

If you aim to transform your digital presence and reach your audience effectively, this enlightening episode will demystify the intricate web of SEO practices. Reach out to Richard for more help and advice.

Topics covered: 

  • SEO and website optimization  
  • Website builders and SEO  
  • Proper use of Header Tags  
  • Website design for photographers  
  • SEO and content create for websites  
  • Using AI for content creation  
  • Google my business  
  • Creating video content for business 

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