Mastering Photography Sales with Fundy

Episode 38 - Andrew Funderberg - Mastering Photography Sales with Fundy: Unveiling Key Features & Insider Advice

Join us for an enlightening episode of Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, hosted by John Glaser. As we delve into the extensive realm of Fundy, the innovative photography software, we shed light on its robust capabilities, how it can revolutionize your sales process, and practical advice for utilizing it effectively.

Check out Mikes interview here: Episode 38 – Andrew Funderberg – Mastering Photography Sales with Fundy: Unveiling Key Features & Insider Advice

Andrew Funderberg, the creator and owner of Fundy, shares how this tool has simplified the process of selling photographs. He elaborates on the ease of album design creation, managing collections, and introducing the concept of auto-designs. Additionally, we explore advanced photo retouching, design specifics, and the noteworthy five-star photo feature.

You'll learn the benefits of Fundy's dynamic album pricing function and how the software can be used to create instrumental promotional tools such as holiday and senior invite cards. We also discuss the valuable insights into how using Fundy can amplify your sales, and how to navigate in-person sales using the software.

This episode also navigates into the intersection of relationships, social media, and business growth strategies in photography. The effectiveness of networking and smart gear purchasing, the importance of continuous learning, and handling pricing structures with clients are also significantly discussed to guide budding photography businessmen.

Blending practical advice with real-world examples, we guide you in maximizing Fundy's potential to enhance your sales process and client experience. Make your photography sales journey a breeze with our step-by-step guide on harnessing the potential of Fundy. Tune in to boost your understanding of photo sales dynamics and equip yourself with indispensable knowledge with this engaging episode.

Topics covered: 

  • How Fundy founder Andrew Funderberg developed a platform for automating album design and sales
  • Automating photo editing and design for faster sales sessions 
  • Using Fundy for photo sales, highlighting albums and wall art design features 
  • Using photo cards for marketing and organic promotion 
  • Streamlining your sales processes 
  • Tips of beginners 
  • Fundy support, features, and future developments 
  • Slideshow updates
  • Using Fundy after editing and synching edited photos for printing
  • Zoom sales for photographers 
  • Using Fundy to increase wedding and portrait sales. 

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