Paws on Par: A Dog and Golfer Photoshoot

We recently had a “tee-rific” session in the studio! A talented high school golfer and her furry sidekick brought their infectious energy to this athlete focused appointment.

athlete and pet portrait

First up, let's talk golf! We captured some athlete portrait images that reflect this young woman's love of the game. Her mom beamed with pride as the camera clicked away, capturing her daughter’s confident smile. These shots are a celebration of not just an athlete, but of the positive spirit and joy that she brings to the game!

How to make the most of your athlete portrait session!

🐾 Fore-Legged Friends🐾

Let's shift our focus to the pup, a standout in our recent photoshoot. This adorable pooch brought an extra dose of fun and warmth to the portrait session. Whether he was posing alongside his athlete, or stealing the limelight in solo shots, he brought a playful quality to the athlete portrait session.

portrait of young woman with her dog

🏌️‍♀️Paw-some Poses🏌️‍♂️

The chemistry between athlete and furry friend was a joy to photograph, reminding us that the love we share with our pets is truly one-of-a-kind. Their interaction was genuine and captivating! Whether it was a playful interaction, or a simple, genuine smile, these pet portrait shots tell a story of friendship and the unique connection that exists between a young athlete and her canine companion

Big thanks to these two for bringing their A-game (and wagging tail) to the studio!