I get questions like this all the time.

“Hey John when is the best time to book my kiddos senior photo session?

John, should I book just a couple of weeks in advance, a couple of days or a couple of months?

To be honest, the answer is there is a difficult one for me to answer. Personally, I think you should book as soon as possible.

Here is why you should book your senior photo session early

Photographer Schedule

I don’t know what my schedule will be from week to week. I don’t exclusively shoot senior photos, so there are times I shoot sporting events, I shoot corporate or private events, I have family obligations, etc. Once you book with me that date is locked in and it is yours, and very, very, very, rarely will I come back to ask you to change. However, if you don’t lock in your date and let’s say a month passes and then you have the perfect weekend that works for you and your schedule and I am booked for something else that day is gone and I wouldn’t be available. While it may seem weird to book early, it’s the only way you can be certain you get what you are looking for. 

Your Schedule

We all live busy lives and while my schedule can get crazy many of my clients schedules are even worse. What I have found is that once most people have something on their calendar they will work the rest of their lives around that event. So if you schedule your photos 2-3 months in advance, it becomes a priority and you have that day locked in.

“But I want to wait until my senior selects a college…

Fair statement, then I would suggest booking in the spring. Most colleges accept early acceptance in December/January and later acceptance in March/April. So you can anticipate this in advance and set a date. If the college isn’t selected by session date, we could work something out once that happens to do a short mini-session to get some shots with the college gear you want. You just have to ask.

Number 1 Reason: WEATHER

Weather is not always predictable (especially in Texas). I won’t shoot outdoor photos when there is bad weather. I will be honest, you don’t want photos to be taken when the sky is grey and gloomy.

Most likely you are hiring me for the style of photos I take and it is what drew you to hire me. When I shoot outside I take wide shots that show the beauty that surrounds. I want to give that to you because my goal is to give you the best photos possible. 

So when answering the question “When should I book?” The answer is definitely NOW!!! Contact me today and let’s find a perfect date that works for you and create some amazing photos.