Preparing Kids for a Family Portrait Session

When you’re a parent, it can feel a bit overwhelming to remember all of the things necessary to prepare yourself and your kids for an upcoming family portrait session. We want your photos to turn out as great as you do — so we thought we’d provide some tips to help prepare your kids for the session!

Choose Their Clothes and Hang Them Up

Every parent knows that they could turn around for two seconds before their child ends up creating some sort of mess! We recommend collaborating with your child to choose their outfit for the family portrait session — so they feel happy and confident when it comes time to take photos.

Instead of placing them in their outfit while you’re still at home, it may be a good idea to consider putting their outfit on a hanger and bringing it to the location. It’s a pretty big bummer when a child is eating a snack on the way to the shoot — and more of the snack ends up on their outfit than in their mouth! They can quickly change into their camera-ready clothes when your family arrives at the location.

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Bring Some Snacks

Speaking of snacks — we certainly don’t want any meltdowns during your family’s session. One way to prevent a meltdown is to bring some snacks (preferably something that isn’t super messy, cookies) and water for your child to quickly enjoy if they’re beginning to feel grumpy or fatigued. We do have some snacks and drinks in the studio but it is always best to bring what your kiddo likes most.

Plan Something Fun After the Session

Some children don’t really look forward to family portrait sessions, but taking photos as a family during their formative years is something really special to be cherished forever. If your child doesn’t necessarily like the idea of a family photo shoot, we recommend planning something fun after the session. The entire day could be dedicated to creating memories with your family! Your child may be better behaved and happier during the photo shoot if they have something to look forward to afterward.