Preparing Your Dog or Puppy for the Session

It is so important to do a dog photo session with your dog. Dogs are certainly a part of the family unit, so what better idea than to bring your furry family member to your family and photo session? Every member of your family will need to get ready for the photo shoot — including your sweet pup. Here’s how you can prepare your dog for your upcoming family photo shoot:

1. Grooming is Essential

As you can probably imagine, your dog should be groomed like the rest of the family. The human family members will brush their hair to get camera-ready — and your dog should be no exception! Please make sure your dog has had a recent bath and has their hair brushed (it makes a big difference). You could also opt to trim their nails for the big day.

Dog Photo Session

2. Prepare Them to Sit Still

We’ll be capturing your family in photos — which means your dog will need to sit still for some time. While it’s completely understandable that they may become a little antsy, you could better prepare them for their photo shoot by practicing sitting still for a few minutes at a time. You could also train them to shake your hand or give you a high-five because those make for some great photos!

Dog Photo Session

3. Think About Accessories

Just as you’ll think about what you’re going to wear for your photo shoot, you should take some time to consider if you’d like your dog to wear something. Some people prefer to keep their dog in their everyday collar — while others have fun dressing their dogs in adorable outfits or accessories. Here are some fun dog prop ideas for your dog photo session.

Dog Photo Session

4. Preparing Them on Photo Shoot Day

When it comes to the day of the photo shoot, it’s recommended that your dog gets some exercise beforehand so they’re not completely hyper during our short time together. It’s helpful to give them time to get their energy out, so they listen better during the shoot. You could also bring some treats to help motivate them to be good! Here are a list of some dog parks in Katy that you can go to before your session. 

Dog Photo Session

5. Bring Whatever They Need

Your dog should have a light meal before the photo shoot, so they’re satisfied during our time together. We recommend bringing dog waste bags (because they could decide to go to the bathroom at any time). We also recommend bringing a water source they can drink from if they get thirsty from being the shining star of the photo shoot!

We look forward to meeting your furry friend and capturing your entire family in photos that will be cherished forever. If you have any other questions about preparing your dog for our session, please don’t hesitate to contact us.