Preserving Family Legacy with Multigenerational Portraits

Don’t you love that old portrait of your grandparents? Or that family photo from when you were little? Those pictures help you feel connected to your family history and preserve a visual narrative for future generations.

Multigenerational family portrait black and white

Planning a Multigenerational Portrait

Creating a timeless generational family portrait only takes a little planning, and, of course, finding the right photographer. A portrait studio is often a better choice when including older generations. The controlled environment means you won’t have to worry about older adults handling the terrain or temperature of an on-location shoot. Our studio offers a fun, clean, climate controlled enviornment! You’ll be the only family group in the studio during your appointment time, so you’ll receive the specialized attention your family deserves!

Coordinating Clothing for Family Portraits

Outfit coordination is another aspect of planning you’ll want to tackle ahead of time. The different styles of three or four generations won’t be the same, and we want to highlight each family member’s individuality. Simple clothing in coordinating colors will give a cohesive look to your family portrait. Our staff can guide you in making the perfect choice!

Portrait Poses for Large Groups

Posing for a generational portrait can be a bit tricky, especially with a big family! But no worries! Our photographers are expert posing coaches! We use different levels and compositions to accommodate those who may have mobility issues. If you’re shooting a large group yourself, remember to use a landscape angle for a wider shot!  Most importantly, relax and have a good time to create pictures that emphasize family connections while allowing individual personalities to shine!

Sentimental Value of Generational Family Portraits

The true value of generational portraits lies in their emotional and sentimental impact. When you see that beautiful wall art in your home, with all your family smiling, you will be filled with a sense of love and belonging. Heirloom-quality albums and wall art can be passed down to future generations as cherished keepsakes, preserving your family’s legacy through photography. 

John Glaser Photography has the expertise to help you plan and execute the perfect multigenerational portrait!  Reach out today to get started!