Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast – Episode 29 – Gillian Hill – Finding Your Studios Voice Through Copy

In today's episode of Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, we are thrilled to have Gillian Hill, a copywriter extraordinaire, as our guest. Gillian comes highly recommended by Paige McLeod, who shared her positive experiences working with Gillian on the intricacies of communication in the photography business. With a focus on website copy, brand voice, and messaging guides, Gillian has collaborated with Paige to develop a comprehensive workflow package for photographers, set to launch soon.

Photographers often struggle with finding their voice and creating compelling copy, making Gillian's insights invaluable. The episode kicks off with a discussion about Gillian's journey into copywriting and the services she provides for photographers. Key questions explored include why hiring a copywriter is beneficial, the specific work Gillian does for photographers, and common challenges photographers face when attempting to write their own copy.

Check out Gillians interview here: Episode 29 – Gillian Hill – Website Copy and Voice

Gillian sheds light on the significance of brand voice and messaging guides and explains their roles in shaping a photographer's online presence. The conversation delves into the intricacies of brand voice guides and brand messaging guides, highlighting their unique contributions to a photographer's business identity.

As the episode wraps up, Gillian leaves listeners with valuable insights that prompt reflection on their own businesses. To learn more about Gillian and her services, the host expresses gratitude and directs listeners on how to connect with her for further information and assistance.

This episode is a must-listen for photographers aiming to enhance their communication strategies and find their authentic voice in the competitive world of photography.

Don't miss out understanding what your brand voice and copy means for your business..

Check out Gillian on her website (gillhillwritingservices.com) and Hark Nijjar Photography (@gillhilledits).


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