Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast – Episode 31 – Pete Coco: From Musician to Exceptional Photographer

Welcome to episode 31 of the Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast! This episode features an exciting conversation with Pete Coco, an outstanding headshot photographer based in Long Island, New York. Pete shares his journey into the photography business, revealing the initiatives that propelled his rise in the industry. Packed with useful advice, background experiences and personal anecdotes, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to venture into photography or establish a successful enterprise.

Episode 31 – Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast – Interview with Pete Coco: From Musician to Exceptional Photographer

We dive into Pete's role as a mentor and coach, discussing his extensive influence within the photography community. His YouTube channel with its impressive following is a testament to his photography prowess and teaching skill. Hear Pete's incredible transition from an upright bass player with a doctorate in music to an awe-inspiring photographer and educator. Even amidst a pandemic, Pete found a way to pivot and profit from his passion, serving as an inspiration for those feeling stuck or considering giving up on their dreams.

In addition to exploring business and personal growth aspects, we look at the importance of mentorship and the value of perseverance in the face of challenges. The conversation further addresses practical elements of setting up a photography business. We also highlight the misconceptions associated with entrepreneurship and the importance of balancing expectations with reality, particularly when investing in business equipment.

The episode further delves into business strategies, focusing on pricing, portfolio building, and maintaining a growth-oriented mindset. It underscores the need to create value in your work and to structure your goals for success. The discussion offers precious tips on being selective with your projects, dealing with criticism in constructive ways, and building a strong brand and reputation among your clientele.

Tune into this episode packed with invaluable insights, inspirational anecdotes, practical advice, and tips to enhance your portfolio, regardless of your specific photography genre. Peep into Pete Coco's coaching group and witness how this enriching episode could steer your photography business into directions unexplored.

Topics shared during this episode include: 

  • Making the career change from musician to photographer
  • Overcoming struggles in your photography business 
  • Entrepreneurship, mindset in photography
  • Entrepreneurship, mindset in running a successful business
  • Gear and what is needed to be successful
  • Pricing and building your photography business
  • Setting expectations for your clients 
  • Client interaction
  • Photography business skills 

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