Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast – Episode 33 – Richard Grenfell – Building a Business that You Run and Doesn’t Run You….the perfect life!!!

In this episode of "Refocus Your Photography Business," John interviews renowned photographer, Richard Grenfell. Discussing the art of balancing a successful photography business, enjoying life, and exploring the world, Richard shares an intriguing account of his journey. From starting with family and dog photography to mastering boudoir and headshots, he uncovers the secret to maintaining an interesting average of $3,000 per sale with a goal of garnering a revenue of $1 million per year.

Check out Richard’s interview here: Episode 33 – Richard Grenfell – Building a Business that You Run and Doesn’t Run You….the perfect life!!!

With in-depth discussions about mindset, worth, and overcoming challenges in the photography business, Richard offers valuable insights for anyone aiming to expand their venture. Delve into the experiences of two adept photographers and unravel breakthroughs, triumphs, and the importance of mentorship and education in the sector. Learn about the impact of essential decision-making, from leasing a workspace to diligently investing in oneself.

The conversation further explores the dynamics of attracting clients and seamlessly transitions into discussing sales, emphasizing the essence of focusing on an excellent client experience instead of letting sales dictate the business. On a deeper note, it highlights the potency of digital advertising, the art of strategic ad planning, and the common pitfalls in the genre.

Richard also illuminates the essentiality of responsible financial management, sharing secrets from his expedition into portrait photography. With an emphasis on understanding one's figures for long-term success, this episode unearths the critical subjects of pricing and valuing oneself professionally. Tune in and join our growing community to stay updated with more engaging episodes.

Some of the topics covered: 
  • Building to a $3000 sales average in your photography business 
  • Specialization in your business 
  • Mindset and confidence in building and growing your business 
  • Overcoming lower sales
  • Cross-promoting multiple genres 
  • Facebook ads and advertising for boudoir on Facebook 
  • Building flow and outsourcing 
  • Importance of having a good financial team