Tackling the Photographers Mindset

Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Clients and Tackling the Photographers Mindset

In this exhilarating 34th episode of the Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, host John chats with photographer, mentor, and business coach, Jeff Brown. They delve into the crucial role of mindset and the potential of LinkedIn in propelling your photography business forward.

Check out Jeffs  interview here: Episode 34 – Jeff Brown – Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Clients and Tackling the Photographers Mindset

This conversation highlights the insights Jeff gleaned from his journey as a self-employed individual at 14, to his service in the Royal Navy, and his subsequent plunge into photography. They discuss overcoming imposter syndrome, crafting effective LinkedIn posts, and how authenticity and ingenuity can help you stay ahead in the hustle and bustle of today's digital world.

This episode also showcases the dynamics of influence and authority on LinkedIn, and how leveraging these can translate into fruitful opportunities for your photography business. Listen now to uncover a treasure trove of information as we decode the complexities of mindset and LinkedIn in the ever-changing realm of photography business.

Cultivating Authenticity and Self-belief for Growth in Photography

Engage in a profound dissection of authenticity's importance in photography business growth in this insightful episode. Learn how being yourself and building trust with your audience can significantly enhance your professional trajectory. This discussion includes strategies on subtly engaging your audience, addressing the pitfalls of heavily sales-based posts, handling imposter syndrome and self-doubt, and fostering self-confidence and belief.

With practical tips on posting and reposting on LinkedIn, this episode strikes the perfect balance between business growth and authenticity. Tune in to discover how you can strengthen your personal and business brand in the competitive world of photography.

Overcoming Adversity with Visualization and Gratitude

In this riveting dialogue, our guest shares his story of overcoming depression and rebuilding life through the power of positive visualization and gratitude. Based on his study of biographies and personal experiences of successful individuals, he underlines that unwavering dedication and belief are the keys to triumph over adversity.

The discussion shifts to a unique method of verbalizing a vision statement and the role of gratitude as a tool to fight negativity. This episode is a testament to the transformative power of a positive mindset in steering your life from difficulties to success.

Persistence and Prioritization: Key to Business Growth in Photography

This insightful episode dives into how consistent efforts can translate into substantial business growth. With practical strategies like setting achievable goals and focusing on tasks generating income, the conversation sheds light on the fundamentals of attaining business success.

From the riveting anecdote of mismatched content to the acceptance of not making significant profits right away, this episode is a goldmine of practical and implementable business growth strategies. So tune in to learn how to use LinkedIn to boost visibility and credibility, steer your business towards the desired results, and accept that growth is a marathon and not a sprint.

Topics covered: 

  • Photography Mindset and Business
  • Linkedin growth and content creation
  • Mixing personal and business content on social media
  • Effective Linkedin posting strategies
  • Repurposing content on social media
  • Photographers’ mindset struggles and how to overcome them
  • Overcoming setbacks
  • Goal setting
  • Photography business growth strategies and mindset