Rescue Dogs’ Homecoming Portrait Session

rescue dog portraits

Nix and Badger: A Paws-itively Precious Tale of Rescue and Adoption

Picture this: right here on the neighborhood roads in Katy, the lost pups Nix and Badger, found their way from tough times to tail-wagging happiness. Thanks to the efforts of the Glaser family and Berg Foster Life, they received the love and medical attention they needed! 

Every dog deserves their forever home

Nix, a white furball, had a rough start and was discovered by John, covered with fire ants. Quick thinking and a big heart led John to scoop him up and get him the needed help. Then there’s Badger, a bundle of energy who bounded into John’s life one day while he was taking his daughter to school. With a wag of his tail, Badger instantly won John’s heart.

John’s encounters with these two furry friends led him to connect with Britt, a neighbor and volunteer with Berg Foster Life. Britt immediately took them under her wing, giving them the TLC they needed. Under Britts’s care, Nix and Badger blossomed. Their trust in humans was rebuilt, and their tails wagged with newfound joy. Britt had never had dogs before but fell instantly in love with Nix and Badger and took them in as her own and both dogs finally found the forever home and love that they so richly deserved.

To celebrate their new bond, Britt, Nix, and Badger had a paw-some portrait session at our studio. Marcy, Britt’s mom, joined in along with the pups Buster, Amelia, and Alfie! The result? A collection of snapshots capturing the love and happiness of their new life together.

The tale of Nix and Badger reminds us that with a little love and compassion, every pup can find their forever home.