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rescue dog portraits
May 24
Dog Blog

Rescue Dogs’ Homecoming Portrait Session

Nix and Badger: A Paws-itively Precious Tale of Rescue and Adoption Picture this: right here on the neighborhood roads in Katy, the lost pups Nix and Badger, found their way from tough times to tail-wagging happiness. Thanks to the efforts of the Glaser family and Berg Foster Life, they received...
Multigenerational family portrait black and white
May 23
kids and family

Preserving Family Legacy with Multigenerational Portraits

Don’t you love that old portrait of your grandparents? Or that family photo from when you were little? Those pictures help you feel connected to your family history and preserve a visual narrative for future generations. Planning a Multigenerational Portrait Creating a timeless generational family portrait only takes a little...
May 21

Mastering Photography Sales with Fundy

Episode 38 - Andrew Funderberg - Mastering Photography Sales with Fundy: Unveiling Key Features & Insider Advice Join us for an enlightening episode of Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, hosted by John Glaser. As we delve into the extensive realm of Fundy, the innovative photography software, we shed light on...
May 20

Being Authentic as a Photography Business

Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast Episode 37 - Mike Schacht - Authentic Business Practices Join acclaimed host John Glaser and renowned headshot photographer, Mike Schacht, in an insightful episode of Refocus Your Photography Business. This episode uncovers an in-depth discussion on building a successful photography business, with a focus on...
May 06

Growing your Photography Business with Text Messaging

In this episode of Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, gain insightful knowledge about the world of business text messaging from Jared Clark, president of Skipio, a leading business texting platform. Discover why texting platforms are essential for businesses aiming for effective communication and expansion. Learn from Jared's deep dive into the...
May 01
kids and family

Bring out the Best in your Family Portraits

Ready to capture some unforgettable family portraits? Read on for tips to make those family photos shine! Choosing Outfits for your Family Photos Coordinate but Don’t Match: When it comes to outfits, think harmony, not uniformity. Muted, solid colors in the same color family look best. Choose styles that reflect...
Apr 26
Photo Session

Turning Your Portraits into Wall Art

From Click to Canvas: The Journey of Photos to Treasured Heirlooms The process of crafting stunning wall art for your home begins long before you step foot in our studio. It starts with you. Your preferences, style, and story – are all essential elements in shaping the portraits that will...
Apr 17

Master Your Photography Website SEO

Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast Episode 35 - Richard Waine - Master Your Photography Website SEO for more organic reach In the 35th episode of the Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, seasoned headshot photographer and SEO expert, Richard Wayne, shares his profound knowledge on the significance of search engine optimization...
Mar 28

Tackling the Photographers Mindset

Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Clients and Tackling the Photographers Mindset In this exhilarating 34th episode of the Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, host John chats with photographer, mentor, and business coach, Jeff Brown. They delve into the crucial role of mindset and the potential of LinkedIn in propelling your...
newborn photo
Mar 25
kids and family

Kids Grow up too fast…create memories with photos

Your little ones are growing up so fast! Think about it. In a few short years, those chubby cheeks will slim down, those tiny fingers will grow, and those playful antics will turn into cherished memories. Every giggle, every hug, every silly face—they're all part of a fleeting chapter in...
Mar 23

Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast – Episode 33 – Richard Grenfell – Building a Business that You Run and Doesn’t Run You….the perfect life!!!

In this episode of "Refocus Your Photography Business," John interviews renowned photographer, Richard Grenfell. Discussing the art of balancing a successful photography business, enjoying life, and exploring the world, Richard shares an intriguing account of his journey. From starting with family and dog photography to mastering boudoir and headshots, he...
pet photography
Mar 13
Athlete portraits

Paws on Par: A Dog and Golfer Photoshoot

We recently had a “tee-rific” session in the studio! A talented high school golfer and her furry sidekick brought their infectious energy to this athlete focused appointment. First up, let's talk golf! We captured some athlete portrait images that reflect this young woman's love of the game. Her mom beamed...