Taking Your Own Photos at Home

Here is some of our helpful pointers on how you can take your own photos at home.

Photos capture moments that will last a lifetime — whether it’s a family game night, birthday party, or an anniversary. People are drawn to photos because they create a sense of stillness in an ever-changing world.

We can look back at pictures and be transported to the time and place when they were taken. It is understandable that your family cannot visit our studio whenever you’d like to take family photos. Of course, there are special at-home events that should be documented and photographed too. Here’s how to take good pictures right at home.

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Lighting is Everything

One of the most important things to remember is that lighting is everything when taking photos. While you don’t have the professional lighting equipment found in our studio here in Katy, Texas — you should always take pictures where the lighting is the best.

Many people who regularly take photos at home opt to purchase ring lights. The problem with ring lights is that they reflect off your eyes — you can tell when someone uses a ring light because there is a circular ring of light around their eyeball in the photos. Some people like this look but it isn’t the best use of light for group photos or for an event in your home. It’s best to avoid that if you can, so it may be helpful to look around your home to find the best natural lighting. 

Large windows tend to be the best place to take photos in a home because they provide a good source of natural light and don’t cost anything. Take into account the time of day your house gets the best natural light, and try to plan your at-home photoshoots in that timeframe!

If your home is slightly darker and you don’t have the best natural light, we recommend walking around your house and finding the best overhead lighting or going outside. You can also get a small set of lights that you can use in your home. Here are some light ideas if you want to spend some money on some lighting. Trust us it is worth it!

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Camera or Phone Stand

Camera and phone stands are super beneficial when taking photos at home because they capture full-length images with many people. Selfies are incredibly popular nowadays, and they certainly serve a purpose. Still, as professional photographers, we’d like to recommend getting a camera or phone stand (the front-facing cameras on your phone aren’t the best quality anyway).

If you have a camera, we recommend looking into which camera stands are compatible with it. You can also find phone stands compatible with your phone all over the internet. We recommend getting one that can stretch up to 6 feet because it allows you to capture a full-length family photo from a higher standpoint. We want to make sure you have good angles — and it’s always better to have the camera on the same level as your eyes!

When you find yourself having to work without a camera or phone stand, find a flat surface where you can place your device. The self-timer option on cameras and phones is definitely your friend!

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The Backdrop is Important

You may be eager to take photos in certain situations, like if your child is leaving for their first day of school. But, you have to remember that your cute kid should be in front of a decent backdrop! We don’t want you to look back at these cherished memories and dislike the backdrop.

It’s easy to concentrate on the subject of the photos when taking them, but keeping in mind that the backdrop is also important will help you create better quality photos. A simple white wall will do the trick but if you can also find a nice area in the house or yard that makes for a nice background. The key is to not let the background over power the photo.

If you want to spend a little money and get some simple background we recommend Kate Backdrops. They have a number of affordable options, but remember you will need to be able to hang the backdrop somewhere either attaching to a wall or with a stand.

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Stand Away From Your Backdrop

People tend to make the mistake of standing too close to their backdrop, but that creates unnecessary shadows. Your at-home photos will be higher quality if you take a couple of steps away from your backdrop. It will allow the camera or phone to better focus on your face (and whoever else is in the photo, too).

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Taking Photos at Home Can Be Difficult

We know it can be challenging to capture the high-quality images your family deserves, so we’re here to take professional photos of your family! There’s certainly a time and place for family photos at home, but those photos won’t compare to quality images from a photography session.

Professional photography sessions are great because you can relax while we use our expertise to capture your family in a flattering and meaningful way! If you are looking for someone to do the work and create quality photos and prints for your dog and family contact us and book a session.