Things to Do With Your Dog on the Weekends (Houston and NYC)

A small dog plays with their owner in our Houston photography studio

Let’s be honest: your dog wouldn’t mind going to the park every weekend. While taking your dog to the park is great, Houston and New York City offer many pup-friendly weekend activities that you (and your dog!) shouldn’t miss. 

We have collected recommendations from pet owners during our dog photography sessions in both our Houston and New York studio locations. Here’s our list of fun activities to do with your dog in Houston and NYC: 

Dog-Friendly Activities in Houston

The Houston Arboretum

Your dog gets excited for a walk around the neighborhood—imagine how excited they’ll be when you take them to the Houston Arboretum! The 155-acre wildlife sanctuary has over five miles of walking paths that are perfect for walking your dog. 

Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Happy hour is even better when you can bring your pup along for the fun! Houston has a fantastic food scene—many of our notable restaurants, pubs, and bars welcome dogs. Here’s a list of local restaurants that allow pups to come along for the ride: 

  • True Anomaly Brewing is known for its IPAs, fruit beers, and great draft selection. Since True Anomaly doesn’t serve food, dogs are welcome both inside and outside. 
  • Kirby Ice House has over 50 beers on tap, food trucks, lawn games, and plenty of outdoor seating. If you’re 23 and above, you’re welcome to bring your leashed pet outside. 
  • Barnaby’s Cafe is one of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Houston because they offer a fun dog menu. Your pup can enjoy some delicious food with you! 
  • AXELRAD is popular because of its cool ambiance and historic location in a 100-year-old grocery store. You can sip on craft beer and wine in their large outdoor section—while sitting in one of the many hammocks. Order food from Luigi’s Pizza next door and enjoy the atmosphere with your furry friend. 
  • FM Kitchen and Bar has delicious food, drinks, and a pet-friendly outdoor seating area! 

Beach Day

If the weather permits, why not take your dog for a day trip to Galveston Island? Weekends are the perfect time to get outside and explore, and Galveston is ideal for exploring and relaxing. Take your dog on a walk around The Strand or relax on the beach—it’s completely up to you! Leashed pets are allowed on all of Galveston’s beaches. 

Rummy’s Beach Club

If you don’t have a pool in your backyard or time to take a day trip to Galveston Island, you could take your dog to Rummy’s Beach Club to enjoy a private dog pool. Your dog will love the heated pool explicitly built for dog use—watch as the staff teaches your dog how to swim, dock dive, and dive underwater! 

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Dog-Friendly Activities in New York City

Dog-Friendly Restaurants

NYC doesn’t have a shortage of dog-friendly restaurants. If you’re planning to go for a bite to eat this weekend, why not choose somewhere that allows you to bring your furry friend? Here’s a list of great dog-friendly restaurants in NYC: 

  • Barking Dog has locations in the UES and Hell’s Kitchen. This restaurant is a fun option because of its “fun canine theme.” Dogs are welcome at any of their pet-friendly outdoor tables. They have an extensive menu for human guests and a small menu for four-legged guests. 
  • d.b.a. east village is a dog-friendly bar that offers craft, imported, and specialty beer. They also have a great selection of spirits! Dogs are welcome both inside and outside. 
  • The Wilson is one of the best dog-friendly restaurants in New York because it has a fantastic dog menu. Not only is your dog allowed inside The Wilson, but you could order them a grilled steak and a pupsicle. This is the perfect option for treating your dog to the finer things in life! 
  • Gelso & Grand is your go-to place to enjoy wood-fired brick oven pizza in Little Italy with your pup by your side. Dogs are welcome on their pet-friendly patio. 

Go to a Farmer's Market

The streets of NYC are typically too busy for a stroll with your dog. Everyone thinks to take their dog for a walk in Central Park (which is never a bad idea), but there’s a more unique option: a farmer’s market! Check out GrowNYC for a list of the 50+ green markets and 15 farm stands found throughout all five boroughs. Your pup will enjoy going for a stroll and smelling all of the delicious baked goods, fresh fish, and vegetables. 


Dog Beach

Many dog owners in NYC don’t realize they can take the subway to a dog-friendly beach in Brooklyn. While your pup can come with you on the subway, you’ll need to follow MTA rules by putting them in a carrier. 

Once you arrive at Prospect Park Station, make your way over to Prospect Park Dog Beach. Your pup will have the opportunity to run, play, and swim off-leash (a rare opportunity in the city).  

Take a Hike

You read that right: you can take your dog on a hike in NYC (in the only forest left on Manhattan). Inwood Hill Park has two main trails you can explore with your dog; these trails are especially fun to explore because of several “points of interest.” For example, Shorakkopoch Rock is known as the place where Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island from the Lenape people. You can find the official Inwood Hill Park Trail Guide here.  

To take the subway to Inwood Hill Park, take the 1 train to 215th Street. Don’t forget to put your dog in a carrier on the subway! 

We hope our dog-friendly weekend guide gave you some fresh ideas for new experiences with your pup. Why not add two of the activities together for an action-packed day with your dog? A dog’s life is short, so it’s great to spice things up and spend the weekend enjoying quality time with them! Don’t forget to let us know if you enjoyed any of our dog-friendly weekend activities in NYC or Houston when you visit us in the studio. Have a great weekend!