1. Make practical clothing choices. Texas weather can change from one moment to the next which can make it fun when deciding what we wear for Christmas photos. You want to be comfortable but also practical. With the ever-changing weather I would suggest being prepared for accessories. Start off basic and if it is colder on the day of your shoot you can add to it. Remember mini-sessions are short and our setup is in the shade of trees so even if it warm, you will still be cool. 
    2. Color is Key!!! When I think of Christmas I think bright beautiful colors. No matter what type of outfits you choose (theme-based, festive, or casual), colors are important to keeping photo harmony. You can choose to showcase a color (such as red) and have that color pop throughout your family’s outfits. To take your matching to another level, make sure those reds have similar undertones. One thing you will want to avoid is making your primary color green. The photos will be outside so you will not want to blend into the background and look like a soldier hiding in the forest. 
    3. Stay Neutral. While color brings brightness to a group image, neutrals can be great as well. Avoid too many varying colors which can distract your photo. If you prefer to take your family photo against a busier background, neutral outfits are a great contrast to it. Red lips with a black top goes great with your partner’s black sweater and blue jeans. Finish off your outfit with some fun shoes that may add some color to the outfit. 
    4. Stay within the same color palette. Adding color to your photo is a balance. Too many colors can create visual chaos and be distracting. The perfect color mix throughout your photo will add polish to your overall look. We’ve outlined some of our favorite palettes. 
    5. Enjoy what you are wearing!!! This is the most important part of your outfit. Don’t wear something that doesn’t make you feel comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable more than likely you won’t look comfortable in your photos. Whether or not you wear a matching set of pajamas, or a 5 piece Christmas suit be happy with what you are wearing.