What Should I Wear to a Family Photo Session?

Here are some tips to help prepare for your Family Portrait Session

Many aspects of a photo contribute to creating a great family portrait session, including choosing the right pieces in your wardrobe to wear for the photo session. While you can bring multiple looks to serve different purposes, there are a few general guidelines to follow to achieve the best final product during your family’s portrait session:

1. Choose Solid Colors

As much as we know you’d like to show off your cool striped sweater, please leave your striped sweaters and patterned shirts at home! When you’re shooting a portrait session, the main focus of the photo should be you. Clothing with patterns, logos, and graphics will be distracting in the image. The key is to choose clothes that will complement you. Solid colors will draw attention to you — and not your clothes!

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2. Wear What Makes You Feel Confident

There’s no need to go out and buy new clothes if you already have pieces that make you feel confident! The camera will be able to pick up your confidence — so choose clothes that you know make you feel great. The most important aspect of any portrait photography session is that you look good, so you can feel good while shooting!

3. Make Sure Your Clothes Fit Properly

While baggy clothing is considered stylish, it’s not considered a great option in a portrait session. We recommend finding clothing that is form-fitting because it will look better in the photos. You’ll look much more put together if you choose pieces that fit your body correctly. Baggy clothes are simply not as flattering!

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4. Stay True to Your Style

Your portrait photography session is not the time to try to revamp your style! Please choose clothes that align with your personal style because they’ll make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Additionally, people who view your portraits will be caught off guard if the images don’t represent how you typically choose to present yourself to the world.

While you should choose looks that align with your personal style, please remember that certain colors will give off different messages. Dark colors will make you appear more sophisticated and have a slimming effect. If you’re leaning towards choosing lighter colors, you’ll look more friendly and warm.

5. Keep it Simple

As funny as it may sound — a portrait photography session is not a fashion show! The main objective of a portrait photography session is to capture images that represent you. Your photos will look best if you wear simplistic clothing and minimal jewelry (if any at all).

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