What to Wear for a Professional Portrait Session

You’ve scheduled your professional portrait session, and it’s time to start thinking about what to wear!  We have tips for you to choose the right wardrobe.  There is often time for an outfit change during your session, so feel free to bring multiple looks. Here are a few guidelines that will achieve the best final look for your portrait session! 

Color Choices Count on Camera

When you’re shooting a portrait session, the main focus of the photos should be you! Pattern mixing may be popular on the runway and at the coffee shop, but leave the patterns at home – they can be distracting in the final images.  Logos and graphics are also a distraction and can cause the photos to look dated in the future! The exception to the rule is a skinny pinstripe or a small subtle plaid, which can pass as a neutral. 

Neutral and classic colors are timeless!  Blue, grey, or beige look amazing, as does classic black or white.  If you’re taking a group shot, it’s time to step away from the old matchy-matchy approach. Different shades of the same color look great together! Keep the colors muted, as bright shades can be distracting, or worse, reflect their tone onto your skin! “Aunt Jane, why does your skin look lime green?” The key is to choose clothes that flatter you without stealing the spotlight!  

Wear What Makes You Feel Confident

A confident smile shows on camera – so choose pieces that are comfortable and put you at ease.  Don’t feel you need to rush out and buy new clothes if you already have pieces that make you feel confident!  If kids are involved, make sure they feel comfortable, too.  An itchy tag or uncomfortable seam can be very distracting for a kiddo, so keep them comfy to get genuine smiles.  Comfort really is key. We want you to feel good while you’re in front of the lens!

Fitted is Flattering on Film

We all know the fashion benefits of baggy clothing!  It can look cute and hide those spots you might feel self-conscious about.  Form-fitting pieces will look better in photos- we promise!  You’ll look much more put together in an outfit that fits your body correctly. Add a layer like a cardigan or a fitted blazer if you’re feeling the need for a little extra coverage.  Textures and layers and interest and depth without being a distraction.  

Don’t forget about shoes!  Many poses will incude feet, so keep that in mind when making outfit choices.  Smart casual shoes or clean sneakers will look better than worn out athletic shoes.


Stay True to Your Style for a Portrait Session

Your portrait session is not the time to revamp your look!  Choose clothes that reflect your personal style.  Remember that certain colors give different messages.  Dark colors are classic, sophisticated, and have a slimming effect.  Lighter colors have a warm, friendly vibe. In addition, people who view your portraits will be caught off guard if the images don’t represent how you typically look.  You want your portraits to reflect you as typically present yourself to the world so that you’re creating an authentic memory.  

Simplicity Shines in Front of the Lens

As funny as it may sound — a portrait photography session is not a fashion show! The main objective of a portrait photography session is to capture images that represent you. Your photos will look best if you wear simplistic clothing and minimal jewelry (if any at all). Ensure that your jewelry and glasses, if you wear them, are polished and clean.  Make-up should also be simple and natural, don’t wear more than you normally would!  Don’t worry, studio lighting is better than any instagram filter!

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