What to Wear for Your Headshot Session

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After you’ve booked your headshot photography session — taking the time to sift through your closet to find an outfit that will complement you will make all the difference. If you’ve booked the single shoot session, you will need to determine the best look in your closet because it will professionally represent you moving forward (until your next headshot session!). Here’s a guide to help you choose what to wear for your professional headshot photos:

Consider the Colors

Firstly, you should know which colors look the best on you. Our skin tone, eye color, and other features factor in which colors look best on us. If you’re unsure which colors work best with your features, here’s a guide to finding your ultimate power color. While a pop of color makes the photo interesting and shows your fun personality, please choose solid colors and subtle patterns. Your headshots are meant to focus on how awesome you are — not how distracting your patterned blouse is!


Did you know that the color you choose in your headshot photos will say something about your personality to people who have never met you? Color psychology suggests that wearing dark colors makes you appear powerful, professional, and practical. If you’d like to look friendly and approachable, you should opt for a lighter color. Bright colors will make you appear confident and warm!

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Find the Right Fit

While finding a color that looks fantastic on you and gives off the message you’re looking for is important, it’s equally important to find something that fits appropriately. You could be wearing your power color — but it won’t look great in the photos if the garment is worn out or too loose! Scientific studies have found that wearing a higher neckline will be better perceived by those looking at the image — low necklines supposedly make people appear less confident. That’s undoubtedly not factually true, but headshots are all about making a great first impression! First impressions are everything. Tight clothing is universally the best fit for everyone taking business headshots — loose clothing is distracting. Please find an outfit that sits tightly and comfortably on your shoulders.

The Final Touches

After you’ve chosen your outfit, it’s time to think about if you’d like to incorporate minimalistic accessories. You can certainly incorporate jewelry, but less is more! The focus of the headshot should be you. Studded earrings or a small necklace are great options that might enhance the photo, but please don’t wear distracting accessories. Finally, please ensure your clothing is ironed and photo-ready. It’s best to hang your clothing choices on hangers, so they don’t get wrinkly on your way to the studio!

If you’re looking for professional headshots in Houston, please contact us to discuss how we can help you get the most out of your session.