Why Is a Professional Headshot Better than Using an iPhone or Cheap Photographer?

There’s no denying that smartphone cameras have better capabilities than they did a few years ago — offering quick, convenient, and high-quality photos.

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You can undoubtedly capture great pictures with your cellphone in certain scenarios when using these photography tips for taking headshots on your smartphone. Here’s the thing: professional headshots taken by a professional photographer will always outshine headshots taken by a smartphone or cheap photographer.

It’s understandable if your initial thought is to attempt taking a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile at home. You could try to set up decent lighting, put your smartphone on a timer, and keep trying for that perfect photograph.

You shouldn’t waste time searching “headshot photographers near me” just to choose the cheapest photographer possible. The research process for a professional headshot photographer should be extensive — examine their website, cost, headshot examples, and reviews. Since you’re already spending time finding a headshot photographer in your area, you should focus your search on looking for quality photographers with expertise in professional headshots.

Whether you try taking your headshot at home or booking a cheap session, you shouldn’t have to cross your fingers for a usable headshot. You can find great photographers in nearly any city, but it’s effortless to find professional headshot photographers in large cities like Houston or NYC (look no further).

Professional headshots aren’t typical selfies or portraits. Top-notch headshots demonstrate your professionalism, showcase your personality, and act as helpful marketing tools to promote your personal brand.

You invest in good health by purchasing groceries and a gym membership. You can invest in your career by finding a highly qualified photographer who can provide you with professional headshots that represent your personality and strong work ethic. The goal is for people in your respective field and beyond to glance at your professional headshot and immediately get the right impression.

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Your Headshot is Your First Impression Online

According to researchers at Cornell University, the image you choose as your profile picture makes a long-lasting impression. It only takes potential employers, clients, or colleagues to run a quick Google search to view your social media profiles. In a professional context, they’ll most likely be interested in viewing your LinkedIn page.

People will make their first impression of you before you’re given a chance to meet with them. You should put your best foot forward by marketing yourself through a professional headshot.

Professional headshots represent who you are — high-quality photographers have the skillset and proper equipment to guarantee that your professional headshot tells your story without uttering a word.

LinkedIn users with professional headshots get 14 times more views than those without. Why? Expert photographers know how to combine appropriate lighting, the right angles, and professional attire that complements your personal brand. People are drawn to high-quality headshots because they show an elevated level of professionalism while still making you appear approachable. Headshots hold a lot of responsibility regarding your online presence and career, so you should put that responsibility into the right hands.

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The Difference in Technological Capabilities

The most obvious difference is that professional photographers use the proper lens for portrait photography. Most smartphone cameras are comparable to a 35mm lens, which isn’t suitable for up-close headshots. Smartphone manufacturers insert this type of lens into their cameras because it’s the most versatile. Since this lens is wider, it can make headshots appear slightly distorted. Most experienced headshot photographers use at least an 85mm lens because this option creates natural and flattering portraits; it doesn’t distort the subject’s face at all.

The camera and lens are essential components when taking a quality headshot, but good photos don’t exist without proper lighting. At John Glaser Photography, we offer elaborate lighting sets in our two studios in New York City and Katy, Texas.

The Importance of Small Details in a Professional Headshot

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Do you know everything it takes to produce a high-quality headshot? Your headshot will only look professional if a professional photographer takes it. A common joke in the photography industry is that anything can be fixed with editing. While it’s true that every professional headshot will be slightly edited, experienced headshot photographers won’t need to alter the images heavily. Besides, you wouldn’t want your professional headshot to look different than you in real life!

Hiring an expert who can objectively look at the shot during the photo-taking process and make minor and macro adjustments to produce the best images is useful. The small details can make or break a professional headshot.

There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable and unconfident during a headshot session. You won’t like the photos from an awkward session because it’ll be evident that you felt nervous through your body language and facial expressions. You should always appear confident in your professional headshots.

The proper lighting, lens, and set are important — but our million-dollar studio in Katy, Texas, would be nothing without talented photographers who know how to instantly make you look and feel good in front of the camera. For some photographers, making you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera isn’t as important as their equipment.

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Expertise Matters

If the plumbing in your house suddenly stopped working, would you try finding a YouTube tutorial to solve the issue? Maybe you would try finding a cheap local plumber. Here’s the thing: you’d likely waste time and money by not investing in an experienced plumber with glowing reviews.

While a professional headshot is a lot different than hiring a plumber, there is one significant similarity here: expertise matters.

You’ll see a much higher return on investment if you hire an experienced plumber who will do the best job. Similarly, you’ll see a higher return on investment by using a professional photographer who will do the best job at taking your headshots. Potential employers, clients, and colleagues will be more impressed with your online persona and feel more inclined to work with you after your professional headshot session.

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Invest in Your Career With a Professional Headshot

It’s simple. When you hire a professional photographer with years of experience, you’re investing in your career. Standout professional headshots give you credibility, demonstrate professionalism, and will give you (and your career) the attention you deserve. If you’re looking for a professional headshot photographer in New York or Texas, contact us to ensure you get the perfect headshot.