Once-in-a-Lifetime Senior Portraits

The Senior Portrait Experience

The senior portrait experience extends beyond the photoshoot. John provides anything but a boring session! We love trying new ideas to make your senior portrait session fun and exciting! With an unparalleled creative style and years of professional experience, John Glaser Photography will provide once-in-a-lifetime images!

Creating Connections

John Glaser Photography ensures a comfortable environment for high school seniors. Starting with a planning session, John aims to understand each senior's unique personality, interests, and style. This personal connection sets the stage for a relaxed and enjoyable photoshoot experience.

Expert Pose Coaching

Posing can feel unnatural, but John is a master of pose coaching! Each stance is tailored to highlight the individuality of the senior. Whether you want to capture confidence, spontaneity, or pride in high school accomplishments in your portraits, John coaches seniors on authentic posing. The result is portraits that stand out from the typical senior photo.

Wardrobe Wisdom

Choosing the right wardrobe is crucial for impactful senior portraits. John provides practical wardrobe guidance, considering factors like student’s hobbies and sports. Seniors receive expert advice, ensuring they look stylish and confident during the session. You can even opt-in for professional hair and make-up as part of your package!

Final Touches: Image Selection and Retouching

The senior portrait experience extends beyond the photoshoot. John meticulously curates an image collection that tells the story of a graduate's high school journey. Each selected image undergoes expert retouching, balancing enhanced visual appeal and the preservation of authentic moments.